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What is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is a common cause of disability and is defined as pain or discomfort localized to the lumbar or sacral regions of the spine. It can be acute or chronic and can be caused by a number of factors, such as muscle strain, injury, or degenerative changes to the spine. Low back pain can be accompanied by other symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation in the affected area.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

There are many potential causes of low back pain, including:

Muscle strain or sprain: This is the most common cause of low back pain and is usually caused by overuse of the lower back muscles or sudden movement.

Disc herniation: This occurs when the inner layer of a spinal disc is forced out of its normal position, often causing pressure on the nerves in the affected area.

Degenerative disc disease: This is a condition that occurs when the discs between the vertebrae become worn down due to age, causing pain and stiffness.

Osteoarthritis: This is a condition that causes the cartilage between the joints to deteriorate, resulting in inflammation and pain.

Spinal stenosis: This is a condition in which the spinal canal narrows, resulting in pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord.

Spondylolisthesis: This is a condition in which one vertebra slips out of position over another, causing pressure on the nerves and pain.

Spinal tumors: These are abnormal growths on the vertebrae that can cause back pain.

Sciatica: This is a condition in which the sciatic nerve is compressed, resulting in pain that radiates down the leg.

Pregnancy-related back pain: This is a common complaint among pregnant women due to the added weight and stress on the lower back.

Psychological factors: Stress and anxiety can cause back pain, as can depression and other mental health issues.

Kidney stones: Kidney stones can cause pain in the lower back that radiates to the groin area.

Scoliosis: This is a condition in which the spine curves to one side, resulting in pain and impaired movement.

Abnormal curvature of the spine: Certain conditions, such as kyphosis and lordosis, can cause the spine to curve, resulting in pain and reduced mobility.

Poor posture: Poor posture can cause strain on the lower back muscles, resulting in pain.

Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain in Woodstock

Physiotherapy is an effective way to manage and treat low back pain. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to reduce pain, improve mobility, and strengthen the lower back muscles. These techniques can include:

  • Education about Do’s and Don’ts
  • Planning and Pacing the activities of Daily life
  • Advance electrotherapy has the best outcome to relieve pain
  • Manual Therapy to release the tight and stiff muscle as well as joint
  • Active Release techniques
  • Appropriate techniques to apply stretches and strengthening to avoid future injuries
  • German made LSO Brace for Low Back Pain and German made TLSO Brace for Scoliosis to stabilize the spine
  • And Much more..

Your physiotherapist will create a personalized treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms and restore your health.

Bounce Back Physio Plus Rehab is a specialized physical therapy clinic focused on treating low back pain. We offer treatment options including manual therapy, trigger point therapy, exercise, and Active release technique. Our goal is to help our clients understand their back pain and develop a plan to reduce their pain and improve their overall quality of life. We strive to provide individualized care tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our experienced physical therapists are dedicated to helping our clients become pain-free and independent. Schedule an appointment with our Physiotherapists.

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