Shoulder Tendinitis : Shoulder tendonitis is an injury of the tendons in the shoulder, causing pain, inflammation, and loss of movement. It is most commonly caused by overuse, repetitive motions, or trauma. Symptoms of shoulder tendonitis include pain when moving the shoulder or arm, a grinding or clicking sensation, and reduced range of motion. Common conditions known as supraspinatus tendinitis, biceps tendinitis.

Rotator Cuff tear : High impact trauma can lead to tear of shoulder muscles. Can lead to sever pain, swelling, loss of shoulder motion.

Shoulder Bursitis and Impingement Syndrome : Most commonly seen in swimmers. Inflammation in Rotator cuff tendon or in bursa impinge the structure of shoulder. Can lead to inability to move shoulder overhead, pain and swelling.

Frozen Shoulder : Also known as adhesive capsulitis cause pain and stiffness in shoulder.

Shoulder Dislocation : Instability of shoulder joint due to trauma/muscle tear may dislocate the shoulder rom its position. Popping sound while moving the shoulder is most common symptom to watch for.

Common Causes

  • Overuse/Repetitive strain injury
  • Swimming
  • Sports such as Volleyball and Basketball
  • Construction worker
  • Weight lifting
  • Repetitive overhead work such as painting, cleaning
  • Fall on outstretched hand/blow injury on shoulder

Common Sign and Symptoms

  • Tenderness over the shoulder joint
  • Swelling and pain
  • Difficulty in outreaching/overhead shoulder movement
  • Difficulty in climbing ladders

Physiotherapy treatment of Shoulder Pain in Woodstock

Short Term Goal

To reduce the pain and swelling usually involves rest, ice, compression, anti-inflammatory medications (As per physician). Additionally, physical therapy may be recommended to help reduce pain and improve the range of motion.

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy at Bounce Back Physio Plus Rehab

  • Education about Do’s and Don’ts
  • Planning and Pacing the activities of Daily life
  • Advance electrotherapy has the best outcome to relieve pain
  • Manual Therapy includes Active release technique and Joint Mobilization to release the tight and stiff muscle as well as joint
  • Manual Therapy includes Active release technique and Joint Mobilization to release the tight and stiff muscle as well as joint
  • IASTM that focus on releasing scar tissues in tendon and muscles
  • Appropriate techniques to apply stretches and strengthening to avoid future injuries
  • Good quality shoulder brace to prevent future injuries
  • And Much more..

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